Our Partners

CarHunt .ca has partnered with several car manufacturers and one being the General Motors premium brand CADILLAC. There are several models under the Cadillac umbrella such as the Cadillac ATS, XT4, XT5 and the Escalade. Visit a Cadillac dealer for the cadillac line.

Virtual Auto Auction is an online auto auction site where individuals /or dealers can list their vehicles and make them available to the public or dealers to bid on selected vehicles. Some or most of these vehicles are offered by the dealers for the consumers to be auctioned off to the smaller dealers when consumers bring in their vehicles to trade.The consumers may get a higher offer from other dealers or wholesales.

For years Ford has been building quality vehicles. The line consists of smal cars, Vans, SUV’s Heavy Duty trucks and mid to small trucks. Ford has recently ventured into the electric vehicle market. Ford pick up is a direct competition to General Motors competing with Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. At times Ford outsold GM products. This is mainly due to their aggressive advertising campaign.

Social Responsibility & Mission

Honda is proud to celebrate 50 years in Canada. We do more than just build and sell cars here. At Honda in Canada, our vision for a brighter future means supporting the communities in which we live while moving towards a greener world, where mobility is open to all

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